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Acting Deputy Director OSDBU

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Responsible for the Agencies’ entire Department-Level Small Business Contracting portfolio, to include prime contracting, subcontracting, outreach, and vendor engagement. Directs a team of Senior Headquarters Small Business Specialist and Regional Small Business Coordinators in carrying out section 15k of the Small Business Act, and other federal small business statutes, rules and regulations.


Supervisory Small Business Specialist / Subcontracting Program Manager

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Supervised, managed, and led a team of Senior Small Business Specialist in the review of the Departments’ $26 Billion Acquisitions portfolio. Served a program lead for Compliance and Quality Assurance. Federal Procurement advisor, and focal point in the Headquarters Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) responsible for the coordination of major program/procurement matters to support the utilization of small business concerns in the fulfillment of the Departments mission. Serves as a recognized department expert in subcontracting and other small business matters, head for procurement review and processing of contracting documents for large procurements, strategy plans and techniques for major acquisitions and other mission critical programs involving exceptional controversy, legislative interest or initiatives, and all sensitive matters.


Contracting Officer

U.S. Department of Energy

Led an advanced Procurement Cell Team in the development of the Acquisition Strategy for the Division’s largest Information Technology Procurement, valued at $1Billion. Led Cell Team in the development and delivery of a small business strategy presentation to counsel executive leadership as part of an Advanced Procurement Acquisition Team to overcome transition issues related to fee per service platforms. Successfully collaborated with the Office of the Chief Information Officer in aligning requirements under the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) to streamline procurements and ensure they are within statutory requirements. Solely renegotiated a $40M Contract, saving the agency an upfront $500K, and a residual savings of over $1M. 


Contracting Officer

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Successfully administered and managed Remediation & Removal, Remedial Oversight, and Environmental & Enforcement Support Services contracts ranging from $30-200 million. Served as Contract Specialist on the Remedial Environmental Services Suite Award Team, guiding the procurement from the historical single award Regional full-service Remedial Action Contract, to a suite of national, multiple award, task order driven contracts. Worked as a team in the development of the $1.5 Billion National Remedial Acquisition Framework (RAF) Contracts. Successfully administered and competed multiple awards, for a $250M portfolio.


Juris Doctor J.D. 

University of the District of Columbia (David A. Clarke School of Law)

Washington, DC                                    

Honors: Magna Cum Laude


Masters of Business Administration M.B.A.

University of Maryland University College

Adelphi, MD                                                               


Bachelor of Science, Business Administration B.S.

University of Maryland University College

Adelphi, MD                                                                        

Disclaimer: The communications contained herein reflect only my personal views and do not necessarily represent the views of the federal government.

Federal Acquisition Certification in Contracting Level III

Negotiation Techniques

Microsoft Word - Project Management

I'M A Small Business Expert

with a diverse and robust background in managing programs and personnel, with a proven track record of success in directing and performing in the small business arena. Equipped with both a legal and vast Federal acquisitions background which compliments the small business programs expertise, allowing for the dissection and comprehension of small business policy trends, complex statutory interpretations, and other programmatic expertise needed to lead a program office to the next level.

I'M A Procurement Specialist

experienced in managing programs and personnel on the review of advanced procurements, procuring high dollar agency-wide Information Technology Support Services, as well as Cyber Security, Network Infrastructure Engineering, and Software Design & Development Services. Subject Matter Expert in all matters related to the Federal acquisitions. Through experience in managing client portfolios, has a proven track record of effectively leading and communicating in a policy-driven environment. 

I'M A Solutions Developer

experienced in strategic planning, organizational redesign, and system modernization. I have envisioned, conceptualized and led entire Department's in business systems development, subcontracting program launches, resource management and smarter buying initiatives. I have employed techniques both commercially and in Government environments, dealing with a myriad of different business structures that crosses multiple services industries.


Wallace D. Sermons II


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